First Grade Garden Project Supports Monarchs and the Peace House

For the last several months, 1st graders have been diving into the question, “Why are gardens and green spaces important?” Students have examined this topic from many angles, including the importance of green spaces for community members to have a place to go outside or a community garden in bringing a neighborhood together.
They also explored the ways green spaces support the monarch butterfly population and pollinators help human populations.
In connecting this discussion to the 1st grade study of community, the class discussed how we are all part of the Chicago community. Students then learned about Peace House, a community center and garden in the Englewood neighborhood.
Students created original watercolor paintings of native flowers as part of this work and offered them for sale to their parents and other members of the Parker community this week.
After raising the money, students plan to purchase butterfly milkweed to plant on the library deck in support of the Field Museum Urban Monarch Conservation Project. Students also will use proceeds to purchase seeds for the Peace House garden to continue growing the Peace House/Parker sister garden in the community.
Check out the Kovler Family Library deck the next time you are on campus and watch our garden grow!

Click here for photos.
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