Artistic Additions to Our Model Home

A walk through any of the school’s hallways will eventually lead you to art on campus. Some are hallowed pieces of our treasured past like the stained glass window in the Front Alcove. Others beckon us to play, like Arthur the Horse or his friends, the Goats, grazing on woodchips.

Whether products of the classrooms or gifts from well-wishers in the community, the art on campus beautifies the spaces and enhances the feeling of warmth within our model home.

Visitors may notice two relatively recent additions to our semi-permanent collection on campus: Flora J. Cooke mural at the south end of the Administrative hallway and the Peace Sign Plaque near the Upper School Office.

The Cooke mural reflects the product of an Upper School Cookies course led by Beatrice Turner ’19 and Kait Stansbury ’18. During a two-day period last spring, they joined fellow students Alex Ashworth ’18, Isobel Bender ’18, Mini Rujjanavet ’18 and Jezebel Turner ’18 to create a mural of Parker’s first principal and a prominent figure in Parker’s founding.

The Peace Sign Plaque is a piece of signage student organizers used to lead the Upper School’s voluntary school walkout to protest gun violence last March. The Plaque features the signatures of many students who participated in the event and serves as a lasting reminder of that moment in time.

Check out these new additions the next time you are on campus!
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