Newest Club Bowls Over Morning Ex

By Upper School Mathematics teacher Ethan Levine

Students at Morning Ex were in for a special treat as Upper School students showcased one of the Upper School’s newest clubs—the Scholastic Bowl team.

Scholastic Bowl is a general-knowledge team trivia competition covering all areas of academic knowledge, in addition to a healthy dose of pop culture. Competitors vie to be the first to buzz in on individual "toss up" questions to earn first crack at answering team bonus questions on a certain theme. The game allows for all types of students to contribute, from those with deep interest in specific subjects to across-the-board generalists.

The Scholastic Bowl team will embark on its first full season this fall and winter, competing in several weekend open meets and joining a league with other area high schools for the first time. The season will culminate with the IHSA state series in March. The team has already been practicing for a couple weeks with sample questions and buzzers and is anticipating a very successful season.

Click here for photos of this Morning Ex. 
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