Wes Moore Visits Parker!

Wes Moore, author and CEO of the poverty-fighting organization Robin Hood, recently spoke with parents on matters of resilience and affinity in a special gathering at the school. He shared elements of his personal story as a young man raised by a single mother in the Bronx and his eventual successes despite the challenges he faced while growing up.
After this meeting, Moore joined Head of Upper School Justin Brandon for a Morning Ex Conversation in the Heller Auditorium. Before Brandon shared background information with the 3rd through 12th graders, he showed them a photo from 3rd grade when he and Moore initially met! This set the stage for a very intimate, thought-provoking conversation between the two lifelong friends. Ranging from their childhood impressions of attending a school similar to Parker in New York to Moore’s first experiences at a military school, Brandon and Moore discussed many topics that encouraged and allowed students to put their own lives in perspective. Finally, Brandon showed the audience a photo of and Moore from Moore’s graduation from the military academy, and Moore discussed how much this bond had meant to him. This intimate note was right in line with the rest of a discussion that students were extremely fortunate to listen to and have the opportunity to ask questions after it concluded.
Hearing Moore talk about his experiences gave students and parents a new lens to view and better understand their own lives and identities.

Click here for more photos from Moore’s visit. 
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