“Skype a Scientist” Brings the Outside In

By Upper School Science teacher Bridget Lesinski

Recently, students in my Topics in Psychology class participated in a program called, “Skype a Scientist.” This program matches more than 2,000 scientists with classrooms around the world, giving students a chance to engage with “real scientists.”

This program connected our class with Dr. Dima Amso, who runs the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Brown University. Dr. Amso’s lab researches the development of attention, memory and cognitive control in children. We prepared for our Skype session by reading a research paper on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Visual Attention. Each student then had an opportunity to either ask Dr. Amso about Autism Spectrum Disorder or another burning question about psychology. She ended her time with our class by giving the graduating seniors some great college advice.

I am extremely grateful to “Skype a Scientist” for providing these students with this opportunity to speak with Dr. Amso and allowing them to learn about a unique career path in psychology.
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