Astrophysics Club Aims for the Stars

by Matthew Turk ’20

All students in the Upper School physics classes taught by Xiao Zhang, Elizabeth Druger and George Austin, along with members of the Astrophysics Club, spent time Thursday, January 17 learning about the rocketry career of Dr. Judy Lubin, who is an executive coach and does leadership and consulting work. In the Harris Center, students learned about the dynamics of air movement, logistics and the engineering rigor that comes with building and launching rockets at student competitions as well as how to get involved in educational initiatives like Rockets for Schools.
Lubin brought in a 12-foot-tall rocket, with the potential of going up tens of thousands of feet, that she and students had built. She also brought in fiberglass building samples and avionics to demonstrate the components of construction and discussed numerous problem-solving skills that come in handy during pre-flight, launch and post-flight. Students asked questions and discussed Lubin’s experience in her fields of work as well as the larger ideas and long-term effects that this type of engineering will have on society. Members of the Astrophysics Club hope to get a team together to build a rocket and launch it later this year during a competition in the Midwest. Any students interested in joining the team should contact either Matthew Turk or George Austin. We also hope to have Dr. Lubin come back sometime in the future and present during a Morning Ex.

Click here for photos from this visit.
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