New Student Art for a New Year

New student artwork is on display in the Kupcinet Gallery and first floor glass display areas.
For those looking for some impressive interdisciplinary projects, check out the handmade ukuleles made by 7th grade students or the sweet sounding dulcimers made by 3rd graders. Both projects reflect collaboration between art and shop classes, and the 3rd graders even learned to play their dulcimers in music class! If the intersection of math and art is your thing, take in the 7th grade linear toothpick structures that have emerged from a recent collaboration between math and art teachers.

Middle School photographers have an impressive range of work on display, including self-portraits that layer images and use light and transparency as well as self-portraits incorporating elemental imagery.

Fifth grade students have been exploring foreground, mid-ground and background as well as layering similar colors and using brush strokes to show texture in their winter fox paintings.

Students in 8th grade are showing some of their Sculpy self-portraits, adjacent to a swarm of 1st grade balsa bugs on the first floor.

Be sure to check out some of the student work on display the next time you are on campus!

Click here to see examples of their work!
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