French Students #Impress Theatre Festival

Upper School French IV students presented again this year at the Francophone Youth Theatre Festival, which took place on Friday, February 8 in the Logan Arts Center at the University of Chicago. Their short play, entitled #Hashtag A fleur de montagne, was specially written for them by French playwright and actress Pascale Daniel, who contributed to their rehearsal process via FaceTime. The short comedy recounts a high school field trip during which students are shocked to learn they have no cell service. Their no-nonsense teacher playfully teases and reminds them of the value of daily human interactions.

Students memorized, blocked and performed the show in front of a sold-out audience, which included other participating schools and Francophone performers from the Chicago area. The Parker players opened the Festival to rave reviews and demonstrated an extremely impressive mastery of conversational French. The following French IV students, accompanied by their supportive French III peers who were also in attendance, were terrific ambassadors for Parker’s commitment to excellence, artistry and global studies: Hans Burlin ’19, Sally Caplan ’19, Noel Fernandez ’19, Zoe Laris- Djokovic ’19, Celia Rattner ’20, Audrey Shadle ’19 and Caroline Viravec ’19.

Bravo, les étudiants avancés, et encore!

Click here for photos of these students preparing for the festival.
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