March Mathness Problem of the Week #2

It’s time for our second Problem of the Week!

Recall that, on each Friday in March, we will release a community-wide math problem in This Week @ Parker. Please submit pictures of yourself and/or your family working on the problems, along with your solutions, to!

To recap:
  • Each week will feature a central problem with multiple levels of difficulty: one star is designed for LS and IS students and their families; two stars = IS, MS, US students and families; three stars = MS and US students and families.
  • Send your solutions (answers AND reasoning) and pictures (problem solving/investigating action shots encouraged!) to March Mathness Problem of the Week (
  • Prizes for correct solutions as well as submitting complete solutions (correct or incorrect) for all PotWs.
Click here for our second 2019 Problem of the Week!
Click here for our first 2019 Problem of the Week!
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