University Vocal Ensemble Visits Special Chorus

By Upper School Choir Director Emma Castaldi
This past Monday, musicians from Belmont University’s vocal jazz ensemble Jazzmin, visited Special Chorus. All the way from Nashville, Tennessee, the ensemble is currently on tour in Chicago performing at various schools and events. Jazzmin consists of 12 vocalists and three instrumentalists, all studying music at Belmont in some capacity: performance, song writing, composition, music business and music technology. 
Jazzmin exposed Special Chorus to the jazz style by performing music with clustered vocal harmonies, scatting and mixed meter. Soloists demonstrated the differences in vocal tone quality when blending with other singers versus singing alone. Specifically, Chester Swanson-Beck, Jazzmin member and son of Lower School Head Kimeri Swanson-Beck, performed a moving rendition of “Ain't No Sunshine.” A former member of Parker’s music program, he showed off his talent and also demonstrated how to be an engaging performer.
Special Chorus had the opportunity to ask questions at the end of their performance.

Click here for photos.
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