Studying Peace in Junior Kindergarten

By the Integrated Learning and Information Services Department

The Junior Kindergarten classes explored the topic of peace in their ILIS Kovler Family Library sessions. We shared the book What Does Peace Feel Like?, a collection of poems about what peace feels, smells and looks like. Students then shared the meaning of peace to them by drawing pictures. Next, we used an app called Chatterpix to add sound recordings to the pictures. Students took pictures of their peace drawings with the iPads and, using the app, added mouths to their pictures and recorded their voices to share the place that peace has in their lives, creating a talking picture.

We then shared images from the book Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights. We talked about the different signs for peace and that people share their belief in peace for everyone by using the peace hand sign or the peace symbol. Students agreed that everyone has the right to peace in their lives. We discussed the idea that when a right belongs to every human being, it is a human right. Then we created a whole-grade mural depicting peace. Students outlined their own hands giving the peace sign and colored and decorated their pictures. The JK art piece is on display in the library hallway, communicating the idea with the Parker community that Peace is a Human Right.

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