Morning Ex Highlights Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights

On Friday, students from across all divisions at Parker came together for a very special Morning Ex to discuss the book Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights by Rob Sanders and reflect upon the ideals of these peaceful warriors and social justice around the world.
Head of Upper School Justin Brandon kicked off this Morning Ex by having the audience listen to an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s 1967 Christmas sermon. He encouraged everyone to keep these words in mind as they listened to the Morning Ex. Fourth Grade Head Maureen Cuesta began reading, followed by Upper School English teacher Matt Laufer, Intermediate and Middle School Dean of Student Life Tray White, Intermediate School Counselor Jennifer Lira and 3rd Grade Head Ashleigh St. Peters.
However, faculty and staff weren’t the only ones to lend their voices to this Morning Ex. Our youngest students in Dana O’Brien’s Junior Kindergarten class reflected on what it means to be an active part of community. Then the 3rd grade joined the Upper School New Chorale group to perform “Turn the World Around” by Harry Belafonte. The Colonel Choir performed “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder, and, to culminate this experience, Upper School Students Aniya Moore and Aliya Spieske performed “Holy War” by Alicia Keys. Upper School French students later talked about social justice in French History. And 6th grade Spanish talked about activists in Spanish speaking countries.
These types of experiences are key in working towards Parker’s mission to educate students to think and act with empathy, courage and clarity as responsible citizens and leaders.

Click here for photos of this Morning Ex.
Francis W. Parker School educates students to think and act with empathy, courage and clarity as responsible citizens and leaders in a diverse democratic society and global community.