Positive Coaching Alliance Leads Workshop at Parker

On Monday, April 1, the Athletics Department gathered the entire Middle School athletics program for a special workshop. With Parker’s athletics mission to “emphasize the positive development of student-athletes,” the department worked with the Positive Coaching Alliance to hold the “Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor®” workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to emphasize and encourage these student-athletes to focus on improving three areas: themselves, teammates and their sport as a whole.

The Positive Coaching Alliance mission “to transform the youth sports culture into a Development Zone® where all youth and high school athletes have a positive, character-building experience that results in better athletes, better people” makes it a perfect fit for working with our student-athletes.

Students left with a mindset that helps establish a culture of excellence, unselfish play and improved teamwork. As a special treat, the Athletics Department gave each student a copy of Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by Jim Thompson.
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