Parker Economics Class Visits the South Side

by Upper School History teacher Kevin Conlon

My Economics and Society students visited the office of the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation (GAGDC) at 79th and Racine on Friday, May 10 where neighborhood community leaders warmly welcomed us to discuss economic development on the South Side, in particular the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

Our visit was part of our focus on urban economic development and why free market economics have not worked as well on the South Side as Chicago's North Side. We read Natalie Moore's The South Side and hosted parent emerita Robin Newberger and Ivan Parfenoff ’12 to talk about the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s commitment to community investment and the challenges of affordable and fair housing in Chicago, respectively. This field trip was a great addition to our classroom work, and it was gratifying to visit the South Side and learn about the work of the GAGDC.

NOTE: On Sept 7 and 8, GAGDC (GAGDC.ORG) is hosting the 14th annual 79th Street Renaissance Festival (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.), between Racine and Loomis.
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