Our Community Celebrates the Ties that Bind

Based on the strong Parker community participation in their prior years’ efforts, members of Parker’s LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff Committee have once again led the charge in curating and installing a back-to-school exhibit to acknowledge, validate and honor the bonds in our community that tie us together. While previous themes have included “Love Makes a Family” and “On Whose Shoulders Do You Stand?”, this year’s display is entitled “Community Connections: The Ties that Bind” and is on display in the Kupcinet Gallery.

Before breaking for Summer Recess, exhibit organizers invited all employees to complete a form describing who they are and how they are connected to our Parker community along with providing a picture of themselves. In the weeks prior to the back-to-school season, the LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff Committee worked together to combine the responses with a little creativity to create the exhibit.

For the artwork illustrating this year’s theme of interconnectivity and community, the “EQUALITY” and “LGBTQ+” string art pieces created by the Upper School student Pride Committee, on display in the Kovler Family Library, inspired the organizers. Faculty organizer Karen Liszka shared, “We are very appreciative of the support from our community to make this year’s display a success. Without individual submissions and administrative support, community projects like this would not be possible. It’s amazing how, with a handful of string and pushpins, some math and a little bit of sweat, a community can come together to create.”

Be sure to check out this display the next time you are on campus to acknowledge and honor the bonds in our community that tie us together!

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