Pritzker Lecturer Speaks on Transplants and Equity

Parker was fortunate to welcome Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s first—and Chicago’s only—female, African-American transplant surgeon, Dinee Simpson, MD, to campus on Wednesday. Simpson is an accomplished and impressive individual who went to medical school at the New York University School of Medicine, completed her residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and finished with a fellowship at University of Pennsylvania Health System.

During Simpson’s time at Parker, she met with Upper School students and gave a Morning Ex presentation to grades 3 through 12. She shared information on organ donation before delving deeper into renal physiology and anatomy. Having armed our students with useful background information, Simpson transitioned into talking about the ethics transplants involve, some disparities in the current transplant/donor system and ways she attempts to bring attention and offer solutions to this issue.

Simpson’s clear and honest presentation allowed all the students, regardless of grade level, to walk away with a greater understanding of the issues and nuances surrounding transplants. Many in attendance are now even more eager to hear from her when she returns as the 13th Annual Robert A. Pritzker Visiting Scientist•Inventor•Engineer in Residence lecturer on Tuesday, October 29.

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