Open Science Opens Exploration!

With the change of seasons beginning to chill little hands and toes, Parker’s Lower School science teachers host Open Science, which provides a flurry of activities for students to explore the world around them before the school day begins each morning.

Between 8 and 8:25 a.m., Open Science provides 1st through 3rd grade students with a dedicated time and space to engage with animals, curated projects and open-ended materials between the time students arrive at school and the beginning of classes.

An average morning in Open Science reveals students feeding turtles, holding snakes and caring for other classroom pets, while others work together building with LEGOs, exploring various STEM toys, knitting, drawing and more.

If your 1st through 3rd grade student hasn’t stopped by Open Science yet this year, bring them by so that they can share in the fun!

Click here for photos!
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