Students Share Original Documentaries

Upper School students recently shared work they created in Travis Chandler’s Historical Documentaries video course with their Middle and Upper School peers during a Morning Ex.

Each semester, this course challenges students to research, write, film, edit and produce a medium-length documentary (or at least two shorter documentaries) about an important historical event, moment, crisis or social justice cause.

As part of this course, students watch and critique a variety of important historical documentaries to help identify the qualities of exceptional films. Next, they combine these new visual knowledge with writing, research and storytelling techniques and have direct experiences with all aspects of pre-production, shooting, lighting, interview techniques, editing and more to create professional-quality videos.

Enjoy these three pieces students shared as part of this experience.

Food Apartheid
by Alex Loma ’19 and Bella Evan-Cook ’19

Cancelled: Trump in Chicago
by Zach Lending ’19 and Sasha Zhukova ’19

The Real Ben Wolf
by Bodie Florsheim ’21 and Josh Silets ’19
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