A Closer Look at Worry, Stress and Depression with Lynn Lyons

Internationally recognized psychotherapist, author and speaker Lynn Lyons recently spent three days at Parker to provide differentiated strategies and interactive discussion addressing the most common concerns and issues that parents and teachers have regarding stress, worry, mood and behaviors.

Lyons’ visit began with a full-day workshop for Parker employees focusing on skills to shift common patterns associated with anxiety and stress in their personal and professional spheres. She gathered with Lower School parents the next morning for a Morning Coffee to provide insight on ways parents can work to interrupt the most common patterns of anxiety as well as identify personal behaviors that inadvertently reinforce worry in their children. On Wednesday morning, Lyons met with Upper School parents, commenting on topics ranging from normal teen emotional development to habits for creating healthy screen and sleep patterns and ways to support skill-building rather than avoidance when dealing with anxiety and stress. She also shared her knowledge with the general public at the Nightviews Speaker Series the school hosted Tuesday evening.

Lyons highly recommends this video of a recent lecture for those interested in further information.

Please click here for photos from her visit. 

Materials she shared while at Parker are available here.

More on Lynn Lyons is available here.
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