Intermediate School Exercise Experts Shine

The Physical Education Department recently combined forces with 4th and 5th grade students on a new unit of study that focused on peer teaching, creativity, problem-solving, cooperation and new product development. 

Since their return from December Recess, students have been working in PE class to take a deep dive into one of four areas of physical education with the goal of developing a project to share with their peers at the inaugural Physical Education Fair, a science fair-type sharing experience.

PE staff provided guidance and options for everyone. Students with an interest in strength, flexibility, endurance and agility selected a project focusing on Fitness Development. Others interested in fundamental movements or improving sport-specific skills researched Motor Skill Development. Students with a penchant for teamwork or developing strategy gravitated to projects in Game Creation. Projects focusing on Equipment Invention instantly attracted budding entrepreneurs with ideas for creating new exercise equipment or innovating existing materials for users of different sizes, ages and physical abilities . Regardless of their path of study, all students needed to develop sharable end-products complete with visual aids, brief oral presentations and project demonstrations.

On the day of the Physical Education Fair, the Big Gym was abuzz with excitement, movement and learning as each grade set up a “booth” to demonstrate their newfound learnings and personal discoveries for their peers and the larger school community. This type of hands-on, immersive learning experience is just one way our faculty are constantly expanding the concept of physical education.

Click here for photos of the fair.
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