Exploring Shades of Difference

As part of learning about examination of identity in Junior Kindergarten, teacher Jeremiah Howe has been leading his charges in a closer look at the different shades of skin that we live in.
Using books like Karen Katz’s The Colors of Us and Michael Tyler’s The Skin You Live In as a guide, Howe discussed how melanin can change the shade of your skin. As a next step in this exploration, Howe invited art teacher Caroline Gardner and her 5th grade students to his class for some hands-on collaboration.
After exploring their own skin and the skin of their peers, the children got to work mixing a paint color that was just right! They are now in the process of providing those skin colors things with names, such as White Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie and My Dad’s Beard. The students will use these colors later in a self-portrait project. Exploring and understanding difference has never been so fun!

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