Coronavirus Teach-in in the Upper School

Members of Parker’s Asian Alliance gathered on Tuesday, March 3 to make a presentation about the coronavirus. Emma Manley ’22, Johnny Mansueto ’23, Ben Rachel ’23, Ella Tsonton ’22, Krystal Xu ’23 and Aidan Young ’22 presented background information on the virus, the global economic impact and microaggressions/xenophobia/racism around the virus. They also informed the community on ways to keep themselves healthy during this time. A group discussion at the end of the presentation invited the audience to ask questions or share information. 
Asian Alliance is an affinity group that encourages anyone who identifies as Asian or Asian American to speak freely about their varying experiences. The group brings awareness to their fellow classmates that there is an Asian spectrum, rather than only East Asia. While the point is to deal with issues affecting the community, the group also tries to find interactive ways to connect. There are opportunities to share Asian cultures with the rest of the student body as well as celebrate differences between cultures within the club itself. Looking ahead, Asian Alliance is planning to see the new Mulan movie, which will be released on March 27. They are also doing a “Cookie” titled “Exploring Asian Cultures in Chicago” for the second consecutive year.
Here is a link to the Asian Alliance’s presentation on the coronavirus: 
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