4P Produces Polygon Panes

Tape and windows may not be the first materials people associate with math, but at Parker, 4th grade students in Miriam “Pick” Pickus’ classroom had to rely on their creative side if they wanted their shapes to shine through.
In 4th grade, students learn to describe polygons focusing on angles and sides. They also learn to identify right, acute and obtuse angles as well as parallel and perpendicular sides. Tapping into this knowledge, Pick had her students prove their expertise by creating their own polygons. First, they each had to create their shape and accurately describe its attributes. From there, each student took their polygon and, using tape, transferred it to the windows outside the Kovler Family Library and included a final description of their polygon to help educate passersby.
While some schools may settle for ending this lesson on paper, Pick’s creativity is a perfect example of the ways Parker’s teachers can alter lessons to get the most out of students across multiple learning styles.

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