Chicago Landmark Fashion Show

As part of their recent study of Chicago, 3rd grade students learned about significant architecture and landmarks for which Chicago is known.

With this newfound knowledge, students worked with their Integrated Learning and Information Science teachers to construct original, wearable designs that showcased their interpretations of the architecture and design features of these famous Chicago landmarks. Each student started from the same point: a large, brown colored lawn leaf bag on which they drew, colored, painted and pasted to make custom creations inspired by one of the local markers they had studied.

As a culminating event, teachers orchestrated a runway show in Parker’s hallways where students showed off their unique pieces. Student costumes represented a wide range of local attractions, including Buckingham Fountain, the Iroquois Theater, the Water Tower, the John Handcock Center, Jones College Prep and more.

Teacher Mary Catherine Coleman offered, “The 3rd graders did such a great job diving into research on different architecture in Chicago and were so creative in designing and creating their wearable buildings to share what they learned. This was such a fun project and a great way to end the school year!”

These students will surely never look at the city’s skyline the same way after this experience!

Click here for photos!
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