Listen to “The Black Teacher Voice”

In addition to being master teachers, Parker faculty pursue a range of personal interests outside of the classroom. When these passions intersect with their craft as educators, something truly special emerges, like “The Black Teacher Voice” podcast produced by 2nd grade teacher Brittney Washington.

The podcast’s invites listeners to join Washington each week as she discusses critical topics and experiences that Black teachers face each and every day. Washington also uses this platform to interview other Black teachers and create space for their voices to be amplified.

Since launching her podcast this past June, Washington has learned a ton, offering, “It’s imperative that Black educators have the space for their voices to be heard and to reflect upon their experiences. I’ve learned that there is always more learning to be done in the world of education. Listening for similarities, listening for differences, listening to learn and listening to understand. There is so much power in hearing one’s story.”

If you are an individual who has asked yourself what you can do to learn more and be a part of change, give “The Black Teacher Voice” a listen on your favorite podcasting app.
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