Kindergarten Engineers Take Action in Art

In the youngest grades at Parker, teachers approach learning with the belief that students gain confidence and skills through practice and the application of creative thinking to overcome obstacles. While all our master teachers have their own ways to turn this thought into action, two art teachers led their youngest charges through a hands-on unit on exploration, development and creativity.

Recently, art teachers Anne Blasko and Chris Turner worked with the Junior and Senior Kindergarten students in exploring the Rigamajig, a large-scale wooden building kit that provides students with wing bolts, nuts, brackets, planks, wheels, arcs, pulleys, hooks and rope to build individual and group structures. While experimenting with these parts, students ignited their curiosity and developed their creativity, innovation, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Using project-based learning and design thinking methods, these teachers encouraged students to explore new content and learn new skills, all in one fun and creative package.

Click here to see photos of this unit.
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