Alumni Bring Renewable Energy to Illinois Schools

Relationships that start at Parker can last a lifetime. Two alumni, Haj Young ’95 and Marty Morris ’94, knew each other when they were students; recently, they returned to Parker to share the story of their newest venture, Econergy, a company that offers solutions to reduce power costs and make it easier for businesses to choose renewable energy.

Young and Morris, along with their colleague Bill Conway, spoke with Upper School students in the Climate Science and Environmental Politics class and the 6th grade about the origins of their business and the ways they are bringing renewable energy to school districts around Illinois.

The group discussed how their relationships—with each other and with political connections—helped their business grow and bring renewable energy to hundreds of school districts. Additionally, their nonprofit arm, Future Green—a product of the Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016—played a role in the recent Climate and Equitable Jobs Act ensuring school districts have access to the lowest rates while also receiving government incentives.

As the group’s efforts grow, they hope to spread their message and encourage students to advocate for renewable energy sources.

“We hope that our passion for helping schools and saving the environment is infectious,” Young said. “We also hope that students across the country are inspired and excited about their future.”

To conclude both discussions and reiterate the power students have to make a difference, Morris recalled a phrase one of his Parker teachers always used to say, “If not you, then who?”

Alumni like Young and Morris are living examples of Parker’s mission to encourage students to apply their skills to make our world more just and beautiful.

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