A Musical Gift from the North Side

Parker students with a passion for orchestra have something new to tap their toes to, thanks to the gift of a vast sheet music collection for the school’s Music department from Vicky Rozich, the daughter of David Ellis Miller, a deceased North Side cellist and music collector.

The multigenerational collection includes chamber, orchestra and cello music, some of it more than 100 years old and all of it impeccably stored and in excellent condition.

In reaching out to the school with this generous gift, Rozich said, “I Know many students may use tablets now to project their music on the stand,  but to feel, read and experience the original sheet music, along with the variety of options may be enriching…I have held onto the entire collection for a while (after he died), but it is time for young minds to benefit and use them.”

The Parker community looks forward to sharing the sounds of these donated pieces well into the future. Thanks so much!
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