Exploring Hearts in Senior Kindergarten

Students in Nanci Moore’s Senior Kindergarten class spent time this week talking about Valentine’s Day. While this is not an atypical event in younger grades, normally involving heart-drawing and candy-eating, Moore wanted to reinforce these conversations through a hands-on experience.

Earlier this week, Moore and her charges were discussing Valentine’s Day and its commercial aspects, most recognizable in the bright one-dimensional pink hearts strewn about everywhere. However, as a result of this conversation, Moore realized she wanted to provide more for her students. “I thought we should look at real hearts so I bought a veal heart from Big Apple Market,” Moore described. “Some of the kids were really into it!”

Based on the belief that Lower School students are eager, curious, imaginative, driven, enthusiastic and inquisitive, Parker teachers develop curriculum and activities that interest the students and support multiple ways to learn and develop. Moore recognized this fact and delivered a hands-on lesson to reinforce their in-class discussions.
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