100 Days of Fun and Learning

Learning in the youngest grades at Parker is a process that relies on teaching foundations and building upon those foundations in a gradual, developmentally appropriate manner. As elite educators, Parker’s faculty avoid rigid methods and relay these foundations in ways that allow students to have fun and create memories. One recent example was the celebration of the 100th Day of School.

Students in Senior Kindergarten were ready to show their 100 Day Spirit and shared a 100th Day of School T-Shirt Parade with the Junior Kindergarten. To begin, teachers provided each student with a t-shirt. SKers then worked with their families to decorate their shirts with 100 items from home, ranging from bits of strings to googly eyes. One student even used lights to create the number 100! With their shirts fully decorated and music playing, the SKers shared their designs with the JKers in the LS Atrium.

Students in 2nd grade also joined in the 100th Day Fun. The entire grade broke into three groups, each including students from every classroom. With these new friends in tow, the groups rotated between three activities: Movement, like jumping jacks or sit-ups and counting up to 100 actions; Math, using and applying their knowledge of the representation of 100 to think of all the ways they could count to 100 using pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters; and Language, responding to the question, “What are 100 words to describe 2G?” by brainstorming words to describe their experience and adding them to a banner made by the entire grade. “These fun and engaging activities allowed them to reflect on the growth they’ve had this year in 2nd grade,” 2nd grade teacher Brittney Washington shared.

This type of instruction is a trademark of the Parker experience. Students worked to reinforce their understandings of the concept of 100, created lasting memories and had a blast doing it!

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