Lower and Intermediate Students Share at Morning Ex

Students from Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade joined together for a Lower and Intermediate School Share Morning Ex, when four grades presented elements of recent classwork.

The MX kicked off with a video from Jeremiah Howe’s Junior Kindergarten class. Following a class reading and deep discussion of Wendy Ewald’s The Best Part of Me: Children Talk About their Bodies in Pictures and Words, Howe invited his students to contribute their voices and images to describe the parts of their bodies they like best and why.

Mrs. Cuesta’s 4th grade class then took the stage to talk about limericks. Students informed viewers that limericks are humorous poems consisting of five lines in which the first, second and fifth lines rhyme and have the same verbal rhythm, while the third and fourth lines rhyme and have their own identical rhythm. The young writers took turns reciting limericks they had composed based on their recent study of Greek gods and goddesses.

Senior Kindergarten teacher Dana O’Brien then provided narration as she walked students through visuals displaying what they have learned about mushrooms and fungi. She showed a preview of the 57 unique works of mushroom art the SK students recently created and encouraged everyone to keep their eyes peeled for them throughout campus. Each has a QR code that will take the viewer to the SK Fungi Website to learn more about their investigations.

Music teacher and Department Chair Kingsley Tang next offered a movement exercise that he has been practicing with 4th grade students. Following the student performers, Tang asked the audience to stand and walked them through the steps so the entire auditorium could enjoy the fun together.

Share-based Morning Ex experiences such as this one provide students with developmentally appropriate opportunities to present to an audience, allowing younger students a glimpse of the life and learning that awaits while giving older learners a forum for sharing their knowledge and being role models.

Great work to all involved! Enjoy the experience here.
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