“Scout” Takes Center Stage at Morning Ex

By Upper School English teacher Cory Zeller
On Monday, juniors Rania Jones, Mortimer Buckley and Mollie Gross, the editors of Scout, presented a Morning Ex on the origin, purpose, publishing process and desired impact of the school’s teen magazine.

Ava Stepan ’19, Georgia Weed ’19 and Leila Sheridan ’20 started Scout four years ago to create a magazine for teens by teens to discuss the issues that matter to them most. Seven issues later, more than 100 teens, from Parker and beyond, have contributed articles.

The publishing process takes four months from idea pitches to the final published piece. During that time, each article develops from a central concept to a draft to a fully edited article to a professional layout. Article layouts take one to three hours to ensure the images and background perfectly heighten each article’s content. Once published, copies are available to members of the greater community with the goal of generating discussion on topics ranging from mental health to politics to fashion and sports. “We hope there is something for everyone,” the editors shared, “that the visual appeal attracts your attention and the articles make you think.”

Issue VIII will be out in June. In the meantime, please enjoy Issue VII.
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