Supporting Ukraine with Art

Visual Arts Department Co-Chair Kay Silva recently led her 4th grade students in producing a range of pieces in support of the Ukrainian people currently immersed in conflict.

Silva regularly collaborates with peer art teachers from around the world, and many of them began working with their students to create art showing support for Ukraine when the war started. Silva shared some of this work with her 4th grade students in an online gallery, and they discussed the imagery and the symbolism of sunflowers, doves and the blue and yellow colors in the art. Silva also shared her personal connection to this part of the world, explaining that her father is Hungarian and she still has relatives in Eastern Europe.

Students used class time to create work to express their feelings about war, which Silva later displayed so people don’t forget that the conflict is continuing. She offered, “Art has a unique and powerful way of touching our hearts and minds, which I hope this display accomplishes.”

Click here for photos.
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