JKB Wraps Up Recent Study of Animals

Students in Stacy Buehler’s Junior Kindergarten class (JKB) have been hard at work in their study of animals.

Buehler began by asking her students to generate a list of animals they wanted to learn about, then narrowed down that list by having the children vote. This vote left them with the top five animals: giraffes, lions, cheetahs, koalas and tigers. During their inquiry, JKB read books, watched animal videos and made journal entries about the animals.

As a culminating activity, JKB created an Animal Facts video. Children chose the animal they wanted to share information about and, in small groups, made a list of facts they remembered and decided what each of them wanted to say. “The facts you hear in the video are the ones that made the most impact on the students,” Buehler shared. “Every child contributed as much as they felt comfortable doing so for the video. The children made their own costumes and worked hard to deliver their lines on camera.”

Watch Animal Facts below!
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