The Fourth Grade Presents: The Trojan War

Fourth grade students delighted the community with what they have been learning about ancient Greece’s history and mythology through their performance of the Greek Play, this year based on the Trojan War.

Prior to April Recess, teachers immersed their charges in the story of the Trojan War, exposing students to several versions of the story so they had a range of source material to consider. After their return to school, students worked in groups to develop original scripts and revise and edit them to a final form. Each student was assigned their role in the show and spent time developing their character and learning to express that character in words, intonation, movement and gesture. Through copious rehearsals in their classroom, drama, art and music classes, students worked hard as individuals and as a group to offer a pair of stellar performances to the school community.

Photos of this experience are available here; enjoy a video of this year's Greek Play below.
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