Alicia Maule ’07 Secures First at Pitchfest

The people of Francis W. Parker School encourage one another to exercise personal and civic power by connecting reflection with action, research with creativity, wisdom with innovation, deeds with consequences and character with citizenship. Alumna Alicia Maule ’07 has remained true to these ideas and was recently recognized for her hard work when the startup she co-founded won first at the Web 3 Pitchfest, excelling among a field of 120 entries.

Maule co-founded givepact with Steve Aguiar, whom she met at Brown University more than 14 years ago. “Since then, we’ve collaborated on a number of projects, including building the Innocence Project’s award-winning digital team and helping a number of nonprofits use digital resources to accelerate growth and advocacy,” Maule explained. “In the most powerful example of our work, we have led digital campaigns that helped stop the executions of Rodney Reed, Melissa Lucio (who would’ve been the first Latina executed in the U.S.), Pervis Payne and Julius Jones.”

This was just the beginning for these two intrepid entrepreneurs. “Today, we are the co-founders of givepact, a company building a free crypto fundraising platform for nonprofits that funds a community DAO for social impact.” This summer, Maule and Aguiar joined more than 120 startups in applying for the Web 3 Pitchfest. The top eight teams were then invited to Consensus, one of the largest crypto currencies in the world, and were ranked on five criteria: team, governance, product innovation, market opportunity and positive social impact. After deliberations, givepact was awarded first place and invited to Neckerverse, an invite-only blockchain summit on Richard Branson's famed Necker Island.

We congratulate Maule for all her hard work in creating givepact and achieving such a tremendous honor.

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Click here to watch Maule’s three-minute Consensus pitch.
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