The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Returns as the Harris Visiting Music Scholars

To conclude Parker’s first-ever Joan W. Harris Visiting Music Scholars in Residence program, members of The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS) returned to Parker this week to work directly with students.

Violinist Sean Lee and cellist Mihai Marica, along with pianist Wu Qian started with JK students, then met with SK students. In these two informational sessions, the CMS musicians joined Music Department Co-Chair Kingsley Tang in explaining to the students a wide variety of music terms and concepts, ranging from outlining the basic points and features of their instruments to using these instruments to discuss specific things students learned in class. For example, to illustrate the idea of “tone,” the musicians showcased their instruments’ lowest and highest notes. This presentation followed by demonstration helps solidify core concepts for our youngest students and enhance their understanding for the future.

Next, the trio of CMS musicians met with a special student interest group. Durin gthe summer, in anticipation of this visit, three US Orchestra musicians decided to create their very own chamber music group. Working with the Music Department throughout the summer and school year, these musicians diligently practiced and performed. And so, when the CMS trio came, the Music Department blocked off an hour for an in-depth, intensive workshop between these two chamber trios.

After a luncheon to further welcome the CMS musicians, the trio rounded out their time in the building by meeting with the US Orchestra. The professionals coached the students and provided their insight from years of performance and practice.

Finally, these students had a chance to take part in a special opportunity. In advance of a performance, our students were invited to watch members of The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center as they prepared for a performance that night. Observing these professionals rehearse and prepare themselves to perform for a crowd allowed our students to learn and apply these techniques to their own performances. Concluding this program, students stayed and watched this performance as guests of the CMS.

Parker established the Joan W. Harris Visiting Music Scholars in Residence program to expand opportunities for students to find inspiration, learn, appreciate and understand the transformative power of classical music, and these chamber musicians certainly set the bar high with a full-day experience as this program continues.

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