Revisiting Chicago ’68 with David Farber ’74

Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas and Parker alum David Farber ’74 recently returned to the school to reconnect with students and the Chicago community as part of his public evening lecture on “Chicago ’68 Left, Right and Center Then and Now.”

While at the school, Farber sat in with Upper School history students in Andy Bigelow’s Civil Rights class and Jeanne Barr’s History II class, providing his unique vantage point as a historian and former Parker student to their studies. Students from Lower, Middle and Upper Schools attended a special Morning Ex with Dr. Farber, where he picked up on the History Department’s Morning Ex focusing on the lasting impact of 1968, still felt in many ways today.

During this visit to the school, all members of the History Department had an opportunity to talk shop with Farber over lunch before he returned to school later that night to deliver the Nightviews lecture shared in full below.
Farber’s books include Chicago ’68, The Sixties: From Memory to History, Everybody Ought to be Rich and The Rise and Fall of Modern American Conservatism. His history of the American ’60s, The Age of Great Dreams, has been taught in more than 1000 college classrooms. He has lectured on American political history all over the United States and in China, Russia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
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