Dr. Cheng Comes Back Around for March Mathness

In our third week of March Mathness, mathematician and scientist in residence in liberal arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Dr. Eugenia Cheng presented a Morning Ex, taking a close look at “circles.”
Dr. Cheng began this Morning Ex with our youngest students in an exploration of the pervasiveness of circles. Students learned that “circles are everywhere!” From bicycle tires, cookies, kitchen objects, towns like Sun City in Arizona and coins, to name just a few, circles really are everywhere. She then spent time speaking more in depth on what classifies a circle, how tires work, how circles can be used in art and how even singing can be done in a circle (e.g. singing in a round).
Click here to follow along with the math fun at home and join us in our month-long celebration to spark and support a love of math.
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