Division Letter

Welcome to the Middle School!

Our joyful responsibility is to see the whole person in each student. We hope to truly connect with our students and understand each one’s passions, talents, challenges and interests. It is essential that we create the circumstances and provide the daily propulsion, gentle nurturance and inspiration for your children to grow and develop.

Our most important focus is on the connection between teacher and student. Learning and teaching must encompass trust, knowledge and relationships that promote risk taking, inspiration and growth while still recognizing and valuing the immutable part of the individual. Being known and having someone other than our parents value us takes some invitation and effort. It takes a predisposition to look carefully at each unique child and family. But it can mean the difference between feeling like an anonymous student or trusting a particular teacher enough to risk a minority viewpoint on an issue, confide a private worry or dare to raise your hand even when you might be wrong. This is the school we aspire to be. We hope to be responsive to the individuals sitting in front of us in class each day. We hope to set the table intellectually and creatively so that we invite each student, in a profound manner, to take part in the lesson and actively share what he/she knows.

Our ability to connect with students is, in many ways, why the hard work of studying and learning often feels joyful; we aim to bridge the gap between curriculum design and who our students are developmentally.

We also hope for a strong partnership with parents. You know your children best, but we may come to know them in ways unfamiliar even to you. Do they persevere when facing a difficult academic challenge? How well do they work with their peers? When do they become frustrated? Which new areas of the curriculum most excite them and fill them with joy? Working together, we can assemble a more complete picture of each student. To make this happen, we must keep the lines of communication open between school and home.

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