Michael S. Roth

Michael S. Roth
President, Wesleyan University
“Why Liberal Arts Education Matters More Than Ever”
Thursday, March 7
7 p.m. | Harris Center
Free and open to the public
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Many question the need for higher education generally, and the liberal arts in particular. But in our fractured, polarized culture, the commitment to broad, integrative learning is more important than ever. This commitment is the opposite of elitist: it is pragmatic and democratic. This is a fragile time for liberal arts education, making our support for it all the more urgent.
Join us for a compelling talk with Michael S. Roth, historian, curator, author and public advocate for liberal arts education. Currently serving as the 16th president of Wesleyan University, Roth has built a reputation for being an outspoken believer in intellectual exchange across disciplines in a 35-year career as a professor and higher education administrator. He has authored six books, most recently Beyond the University: Why Liberal Education Matters, which has been a powerful tool for students, their families, faculty and policymakers who are wrestling with the future of higher education in America. As a member of the first generation of his family to attend college, Roth graduated from Wesleyan in 1978 and received his doctorate in history from Princeton University in 1984.
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