Extended Day Programs

Parker’s Extended Day programs provide JK–5 students with the opportunity to extend their school day in a safe and nurturing environment. Program staff work closely with teachers, parents and students to create a healthy transition from school to home and back again. Many students attend Parker PM throughout their JK through 5th grade years, developing wonderful relationships and a strong sense of belonging.

Parker PM
offers flexible but structured after-school time complete with projects, snacks, naps and supervised playtime with peers. Full-day Days-off” programs are available on Parker’s Conference, Workshop and Writing Days. Students wishing to pursue specialized activities can sign up for one or more of our many Parker P.L.U.S. class offerings.

Parker PM

Serving as a safe, nurturing and stimulating home away from home, Parker PM offers students an array of organized indoor and outdoor activities coupled with opportunities for creative free play. Older students have quiet time to complete homework.

Parker PM is open to enrolled Parker students in JK–5th grade and operates Monday through Friday following the school’s academic calendar.
  • Parker PM begins at the end of the school day and ends at 4:30 p.m. or 6 p.m.
  • Enrollment is year-round and available from one to five days per week.
  • The “Days-Off” Program provides full-day options on Lower and Intermediate School Conference, Writing and Workshop Days.
More than 50 percent of students in JK–5th grade participate in Parker PM.

Parker P.L.U.S. (Programs for Learning Unique Stuff)

Parker P.L.U.S. provides students in grades JK–5 with opportunities to attend a variety of mini-classes in multi-week sessions, typically meeting once a week. There are three P.L.U.S. sessions each school year. Students do not need to attend Parker PM to participate in Parker P.L.U.S. classes.
P.L.U.S. classes vary, but most typically:
  • Students transition from the school day and gather with their P.L.U.S. teacher for snack time.
  • Classes run from 3:30–4:30 p.m. and include offerings like judo, wall-climbing, arts, basketball, coding and debate.
  • Classes are open to more than one grade level allowing students to engage with friends and siblings of different ages.
  • “After P.L.U.S.” is available if you are interested in having your child join Parker PM after their P.L.U.S. class until 6 p.m.
More than 70 percent of students in JK5th grade participate in Parker P.L.U.S.

Our Facilities

Extended Day Programing is headquartered in the 1st and 2nd grade hallway. Our parents and students have come to see our oversized room as a special place for participating in activities, storing belongings and relaxing. In addition to this space, we use many school facilities including the playground, athletic field, student kitchen, technology and design spaces, gymnasiums and classrooms. After-school groups also regularly take advantage of resources surrounding campus such as Lincoln Park Zoo and Oz Park.

Our Staff

For more than 30 years, Parker’s Extended Day staff have offered students age-appropriate programs with a low child-to-staff ratio. Our staff oversees the program’s daily activities and serves as guides and mentors to ensure that each child’s after-school experience is a positive one.
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