Dr. Damour Guides Parker Through Stress and Anxiety

Recently, Parker welcomed Dr. Lisa Damour for a full day with our faculty, students and parents. Damour is the director of Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls, writes a monthly column on adolescence for The New York Times’ Well Family online report and is a regular contributor at CBS News. She is also the author of numerous academic papers, chapters and books related to education and child development, including Untangled, released by Random House in February 2016.

Dr. Damour began her day by meeting with 7th grade students, focusing on gender equality. Next she talked with the 9th graders on stress and the science behind stress. Finally, she spent time with Middle and Upper School students at Morning Ex working with them on stress alleviation techniques.

To end her day, Dr. Damour presented a Nightviews public lecture,Parenting in the Age of Anxiety.” Her presentation focused on helping parents navigate some of the traps and pitfalls of dealing with their children’s anxiety. She explained some of the forces behind an increase in stress and anxiety as students get older. Additionally, she tried to help parents understand the difference between “healthy and unhealthy” forms of stress and anxiety and how adults can assist their teenagers in dealing with the pressures they face as they grow older.

Damour’s engaging, practical and down-to-earth manner helped the audience connect to her message and reach a better understanding of students’ stresses, increasing their empathy in dealing with these issues.

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