Upper School MUN Team Represents in Mexico City

Francis W. Parker School Alumni Email
By Olivia Levine ’18
This past March, the Model UN team traveled to the Mexico City International Model United Nations Conference. There, 17 Parker students acted as delegates representing myriad countries. The committees Parker students participated in included the 1961 Security Council, the U.S. Cabinet, European Union, Disarmament and International Security, Saudi Arabia Cabinet, Iran Cabinet, Economic and Social Council and 1961 NATO. Additionally, one student acted as part of the press corps for the conference, representing a news organization.
There was a learning curve associated with this conference, MUNDO (Model United Nations Development Organization). This conference was different from some of the past conferences; the leaders made this conference as realistic as possible by ensuring that the incentive was to learn, rather than win awards. While the purpose was not to win awards, many Parker delegates received top awards, such as Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, Honorable Mention and Best Position Paper. Our delegates earned a total of 15 awards! Additionally, the Parker Model UN team took second place in the competition for Overall Best Delegation.
During our free time, we explored the city. One of the first museums we visited was the National Museum of Anthropology, where we learned about ancient Mexican culture through artifacts. Later, we visited the ruins of the Templo Mayor, where we saw remnants of the main temple of the Aztecs. The delegation then went to the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, a prominent museum dedicated to preserving the culture. We also climbed the Teotihuacán pyramids and visited the Frida Kahlo house, Trotsky museum and a churro stand (a few too many times!).
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