Math Olympiad Scavenger Hunt in the Middle School

More than 60 students in Parker’s Middle School participated in the Math Olympiad this academic year. Five times throughout the year, students assemble after school to voluntarily participate in a challenging five-problem exam. With another year of computations under their belts, students gathered for their annual end-of-year math scavenger hunt, working in teams to solve clues and math problems.
Math Olympiad is an international math contest that takes place in more than 30 countries, involving more than 150,000 students. Parker students scored very well, with 11 students scoring in the top 20 percent of participants. From the 7th and 8th grade team, 8th grader Tassos Chronopoulos received an award for scoring in the top 10 percent internationally, and 6th graders Julia Peet and Kai Uemura received an award for scoring in the top 2 percent.
Congratulations to these young mathematicians and all members of the Math Olympiad Club!
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