On Whose Shoulders Do You Stand?

Bolstered by the Parker community’s overwhelming support for the back-to-school-timed “Love Makes a Family” photo exhibit in the Kupcinet Gallery last year, members of the LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Committee (LGBTQ+FSC) were inspired to brighten the halls with thoughtful art once again this year.
The resulting “On Whose Shoulders Do You Stand?” exhibit reflects an effort to remember and recognize those who contributed their voices, intellect and talents in our past as we work as a community to take our school progressively into the future.
Prior to Summer Recess, the school invited employees to participate by:
  1. Thinking about a person on whose shoulders they now stand
  2. Honoring the selected person by completing the sentence, “I stand on _____’s shoulders because…”
In August, the exhibit organizers artfully arranged all submissions on the Kupcinet Gallery display boards to validate the importance of reflection and honor those whose efforts have helped shape and mold us, our community and our country. Check it out the next time you are on campus!

Click here to see some examples of the sentiments and personalities on display.
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