Half a Geodesic Dome Done and More!

A group of curious students, teachers and parents recently gathered with members of the ILIS Department in the TIDES Garage to kick off the first of their series of Maker Wednesday events this year.
Once gathered in the space, faculty first led participants in combining and decorating cardboard pieces that they later used to assemble half of a geodesic dome. They also facilitated a hands-on activity wherein each student had the opportunity to create a keychain featuring their original artwork. For both of these projects, teachers used the space’s new Glowforge laser cutter as an applied way of demonstrating this technology at work.
The ILIS Department hosts a Maker Wednesday event in the TIDES Garage every month during the academic year. These gatherings, which are open to parents and students, provide opportunities for participants to learn, make and create using the ever-expanding tools available in the TIDES Garage space. Each month presents a chance to try something new and discover something wonderful. Please join us for one or more of our upcoming Maker Wednesdays according to the schedule below:
  • October 24: Make Your Own Monster and Scary Movie Poster!
  • December 5: 3D Designing and Printing Cookie Cutters
  • January 30: Make Your Own Arcade Game
  • February 13 or 27: Make Your Own Musical Instrument  
  • March 27: Make Your Own Thing That Flies (Kites, Parachutes, Paper Airplanes and a Wind Tunnel!)
  • May 8: Treasured Memories (laser-cut and decorate a treasure box for your 2018–19 school year).
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