Sixth Grade Artists Get Sent to the Middle School Office

Visitors to Parker’s Intermediate and Middle School Office can bask in the glory of a recently completed artwork featuring the collaborative efforts of artists in Parker’s class of 2025 now on display in the waiting room.

This new piece came to life under the watchful eye of art teacher Caroline Gardner after she introduced students to the work of Murdie (Maudie) Nampijinpa Morris, an Australian artist who began painting in her 80s. Students worked together to develop the piece and became color experts in the process by mixing and naming the colors they used, including Sunshine Yellow, Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy Blue, Sydney’s Shirt Pink, Creamsicle and more. This was a truly collaborative piece with all participants having equal ownership of the end product.

So the next time you are coming to the school for a meeting with John Novick, be sure to take in this new mural hanging in his and Phenice’s office. 
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