Mathematic Applications from the MLB to Vegas

By Upper School Mathematics teacher Ethan Levine

This Monday’s Morning Ex speaker, Zachary Levine, shared with 5th through 12th graders his experiences using his academic background in mathematics and statistics in his career. Levine currently serves as director of table games analytics for MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas. Previously, he worked as a baseball journalist for the Houston Chronicle and Baseball Prospectus, incorporating the statistical side of the game into much of his writing.

Levine shared several examples of the ways people can use concepts they learn in middle and high school math courses as tools to understand the casino industry and the sports world. Through engaging anecdotes, he illustrated how he turned an academic passion and hobby from childhood into a central aspect of his career.

Later in the day, Levine engaged with a smaller group of Upper School students, fielding questions on everything from the next frontiers in baseball analytics to the best restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip.

Parker is very thankful that Levine was able to spend time speaking to our students about ways that following their passions can translate into a successful career.

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