Another Slice of Pi Day

Middle and Upper School mathematicians recently participated in Parker’s Fourth Annual Pi Day Recitation Contest to demonstrate their love for mathematical thinking during the month-long celebration of numeracy at the school known as March “Math”ness!

The contest took place during two days to ensure interested students in both divisions had an opportunity to participate. As part of each gathering, students discussed the history of pi and its role in different cultures and eras, while enjoying a lunch of pizza pie and cheering each other on as they competed in reciting the digits of the irrational number pi (approximately 3.14) from memory.

The rousing competition featured 27 students reciting more than 20 digits, 11 students reciting more than 35 digits and 22 students managing more than 50 digits! Overall winners in each division were:
Middle School Pi Day Champions
  • 1st place - 276 digits - Logan Florsheim ’25
  • 2nd place - 201 digits - Lavanya Goyal ’23
  • 3rd place - 151 digits - Olivia Parasca ’25
Upper School Pi Day Champions
  • 1st place - 203 digits - Aidan Weinber ’21
  • 2nd place - 124 digits - Star Rothkopf ’22
  • 3rd place - 83 digits - Julia Marks ’21*
    *participated via Skype from Dubai while traveling for a Model United Nations Symposium
Congratulations to all the students who participated this year!
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